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Guest: Nancy Erickson


Episode #891 -Aug 10, 2023

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You always wanted to write book.  Now you’ve done.  It is published and you can just sit back, right?  Nope! Nancy Erickson says there is so much more you can do with the content of your book to expand your authority and credibility even further.

For example, if you have written the book correctly each chapter can stand on its own as a topic for a keynote, workshop or online course.


our guest Nancy Erickson


As the owner of Stonebrook Publishing Nancy Erickson recognized the people who had the most transformative stories weren’t necessarily good writers. Stonebrook had received many manuscripts where the message could save lives, change lives, and transform society, but they were so poorly written that they couldn’t be published.

So, Nancy spent a year developing a step-by-step process that would turn people who weren’t writers into published authors. That’s when The Book Professor® and its offerings became available to aspiring authors around the globe.

Nancy holds MFA in Writing, is an international book coach, author, editor, international speaker, and she’s taught writing at various colleges and universities around the St. Louis, Missouri area. 


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