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Guest: Sierra Janisse

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Great websites don’t happen by accident. Sierra Janisse believes every decision you make on your website from what images  you use to the words you write , the pages you create and all the call to action buttons starts with answering one basic question.

What do you want your ideal clients to do when they come to your website.  What is your primary call to action for your visitors.


Using these power words in your web copy, email communication, social media, will grab the attention of your reader and move them to action.

With this workbook you’ll discover how to apply the kinds of power words to your marketing copy.

our guest Sierra Janisse

Sierra Janisse of Sierra Lin Design is a Certified Master Marketer, Kajabi Web and Funnel Designer, and host of the free Branded Boss community. Sierra helps visionary coaches and service providers magnetize their perfect-fit clients through Aligned Authority Marketing–her signature framework combining branding, messaging, and funnel design.

From building brands and websites for 7-figure coaches, TedX speakers, best-selling authors, and course creators serving students across the globe, Sierra has learned that all personal brands need one specific thing if they want to scale and serve more clients: to become uniquely, indisputably magnetic