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Host: Lorraine Ball

Don't Write Bad Blog Posts

Episode #894 Aug 20, 2023

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Great blog posts and social media status updates are an important part of your sales, marketing and SEO strategy. With so much riding on each and every blog post, it’s tempting to push the sales element really hard. But that is exactly the opposite of what you should do.

The hard sell is one sure way to turn off prospective customers. Think about the late night television commercials that scream at you at 3 am. Instead of making me want to learn more about their incredible claims to lose weight, grow more hair and attract the perfect mate (all for $19.99) those pushy loud ads actually make me roll my eyes and change the channel.

The best blog posts answer questions your customers have about your product or service. They want information and once you answer their questions, they’ll be ready to buy. If you jump right into sales mode, you sound just like those annoying late night commercials and your customers will look for answers somewhere else. Once they do, they may never come back.

 People come to the internet with questions.

Your goal is to anticipate questions prospective customers are likely to have. To win search you must build pages which answer the questions as  specifically and completely as possible using language people are likely to use in their search.

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