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Guest: Derick Johnson

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Most of the time marketing planning consists of thinking about what are you going to do. My guest Derick Johnson suggests that maybe you need to be focused on the “who”  of marketing.  This involves creating content to build a personal brand and show the human side of business.

People often prioritize the technical aspects of marketing, such as techniques, tech work, and funnels, while neglecting the human aspect that builds trust. Sharing personal stories and daily routines on platforms like Instagram can humanize the brand and create a strong connection with the audience. He encourages individuals to open up about their life stories, regardless of whether they had a challenging past or not. By doing so, they can establish authenticity, trust, and relatability with their audience.

This approach is not  limited to Instagram; it can be applied across various platforms, such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and even TikTok. where you goal is not just to accumulate likes and comments but to create one-on-one interactions that genuinely resonate with viewers.  As you prioritize the human element in marketing. sharing personal stories and embracing authenticity, you can foster deeper connections with an audience, leading to increased trust, engagement, and ultimately, business success.

our guest Derick Johnson

Derick Johnson is a US Army Veteran, Life Coach and Trainer that has helped over 500 clients and 50 companies go from just surviving to thriving through his coaching modalities and marketing efforts.

Derick was been awarded Soldier of the Year for his battalion 3x, received numerous Awards for PT and took his leadership skills, certifications and life experiences to help people take control of their mind and body so they can THRIVE, not just survive.