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Host: Lorraine Ball

I Wrote a Book

Episode #897 August 27, 2023

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Twenty years ago I wrote a book called the Science of Marketing and and recently I decided to update the book.  As I started editing, I realized most of the content is as accurate today as it was twenty years ago,

Sure some of the examples are a bit out of date  because I talked a lot about postcards and radio advertising which really isn’t appropriate for small businesses anymore.  However, the foundation and the thought process is still as relevant as it was twenty years ago.

So if you bought a copy of my book twenty years ago it’s time to buy another.  And if you didn’t get a chance to buy it then you can buy it now.  The Science of Marketing is available on Amazon.  Go ahead, buy it today! Then come back and listen to another episode  of More than a Few Words.

Get Your Copy Today

The Science of Marketing is a combination reference guide and workbook. It is designed to help an entrepreneur like you walk through the basics of marketing and guide you through the development of an integrated marketing plan.

Keep a notebook handy for notes, doodles, action plans, and the random creative thoughts you are bound to have. As you read the text, channel your inner scientist, keep an open mind and be sure to answer the hard questions!


The science of marketing

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