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Guest: Allison Graham

Maybe Stress Isn't All That Bad

Episode #899 -August 31, 2023

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If you are like most business owners, right now you are stressing about something.  You are probably thinking if you could only get rid of that stress everything would be better.

But Allison Graham,  suggests some of that stress is actually helpful. She discusses three categories of stress: empowering stress, destructive stress, and survival stress. Empowering stress is characterized by feeling energized, in a state of flow, and capable of tackling challenging tasks. It’s the positive stress that drives productivity and achievement. Destructive stress, on the other hand, leads to overwhelm, resentment, and negative impacts on both work and personal life. Survival stress is a natural response that alerts us to danger and sharpens our focus, but it can become counterproductive if not managed properly.


The conversation delves into the nuances of recognizing empowering stress versus destructive stress. The key lies in understanding oneself, acknowledging individual patterns, and finding the optimal balance between time constraints and deadlines. Allison emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and strategic problem-solving to develop effective stress management techniques tailored to each person’s unique needs.


our guest Allison Graham 

Allison Graham is a keynote speaker, author and consultant who works with highly-accomplished men and women who love their work, but want more mental and emotional space away from the constant stress of the daily grind. Her last book, Take Back Your Weekends: Stress Less, Do More, Be Happier is giving hope to professionals across the globe that they can have it all. Stay tuned for news on her next book called The Stress Illusion which will be released later this year.

You may recognize her from media outlets like CTV, CBC, and Breakfast Television. If you’d love an extra dose of inspiration each week, you’re invited to follow Allison on LinkedIN and join Allison’s weekly Lift Up at https://allisongraham.com/liftup