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Host: Lorraine Ball

Marketing Lessons from the Gym

Episode #900 September 3, 2023

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Every time I go to the gym I see people using weights that are clearly too heavy for them. There is pain in their faces as they struggle to lift the extra weight. They are risking injury every time they do that.

My trainer always suggests I work with lighter weights which allows me to perfect the motion. I can do more repetitions and will build muscle as well as the people who struggle with the weights that are too big.

I was surprised to find marketing lessons at the gym, but I did.  I learned instead of running one very big campaign that blows your budget and exhausts you, consider doing more smaller campaigns. This will allows you to perfect your messaging and build brand strength slowly over time.

Marketing is an art and a science.

The art of marketing enables potential customers to make an emotional connection to your product. This connection is made with words, which inform, motivate, and persuade. It is also made with images, which leap off the page, straight to the heart of your customer.

The ability to make an emotional connection is critical but without the rational side, marketing is expensive and ineffective. The science of marketing is the rational side. It is a step-by-step process, which defines goals, targets, action plans and results.

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