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Guest: Annelise Worn

Implement Ideas by Breaking Down the Plan

Episode #901 -September 7, 2023

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In this episode I had a chance to chat with  Annelise Worn, a business strategist and agency CEO, about the challenges of implementing brilliant ideas. She empowers digital business owners to build systems into their businesses for greater efficiency and freedom. The conversation focuses on the stumbling blocks that often prevent ideas from materializing and explores strategies for successful implementation.

Annelise highlights several key reasons why ideas often remain unrealized. As humans, entrepreneurs have numerous ideas, and while the initial excitement (dopamine hit) is present, not all tasks are equally enjoyable or motivating. The allure of fun can overshadow the reality of hard work, which can lead to projects being abandoned. Also, life’s distractions and the constant influx of new ideas, making it challenging to prioritize and execute effectively.

The discussion shifts to strategies for moving from idea to implementation. She suggests that after filtering out impractical ideas, the next step is to start implementing. She highlights the importance of getting into a focused mindset and addressing the hard work needed to execute. Not every task will be enjoyable, but by committing to a head-down, focused approach, entrepreneurs can overcome obstacles and see their ideas come to life.

Annelise emphasizes the significance of breaking down goals into three distinct time frames: three years, one year, and three months. This incremental approach enables entrepreneurs to map out realistic steps and monitor their progress more effectively.

Transform Your Ideas Into Action 

You wouldn’t drive without a map, don’ run your business without.

If you hit the road without a map, there is a good chance you will get lost.  The same is true for your business. A good business plan will guide you on your trip to success. 

The process doesn’t have to be overwhelming or incredibly time consuming.  Start with a simple outline and refine it along the way.

our guest Annelise Worn

​Annelise Worn is a business strategist and mentor, digital agency CEO, and Founder of Freeceo (your all-in-one marketing system) wife and mumma of 4 little ones.

She helps service providers implement powerful marketing and business systems, so they can attract the clients (and staff) they need to grow, simply.