“Harness the Power of Chaos”

episode #903 –  September 12, 2022

the episode

Some people think that chaos is a dirty word. But as my guest Robert Raymond Riopel suggests, a little bit of chaos in your life is a good thing.  If you missed this conversation when it was first released in 2021, you definitely want to check it out now. 

He suggests that as as human beings, one of our primary functions is to evolve and chaos is actually what forces us to evolve.  When you courageously volunteer for chaos, instead of allowing it to overwhelm you can takes steps to proactively change and improve your situation.  

our guest Robert Raymond Riopel

An international Best-Selling author, App Designer, Entrepreneur and Trainer, Robert Raymond Riopel who has spent the past 18+ years travelling around the world sharing his passion. He has also shared the stage with and trained many of the top trainers and thought leaders in the world today.

Be sure to grab a copy of Robert’s book : Success Left a Clue



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