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Guest: Richard Rosser


Episode #906 Sept. 21, 2023

the episode

In this episode  I have a chance to chat with Richard Rosser about the intersection of artificial intelligence and storytelling.

Richard shares tips on how to use AI for brainstorming story ideas. He explains ChatGPT can generate concepts and case scenarios for various situations. Instead of spending hours sifting through search engine results, ChatGPT provides focused and organized information.

He elaborates on the potential of AI to craft stories from prompts and how to use AI to refine your story, and transform complex technical descriptions into content your audience can relate to. 

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our guest Richard Rosser

Richard is a Filmmaker, Author, and Master Storyteller, who honed his craft on the hit TV shows Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago Med, This Is Us, MacGyver, and 24. He has  written award-winning books, taught story workshops to over 15,000 participants, and guest lectured at numerous universities, including Johns Hopkins, Columbia, and NYU.

His passion for the creative process led him to develop programs that empower individuals to express themselves through AI-Enhanced Storytelling. His most recent book, ChatGPT Simplified, offers non-tech professionals a unique approach to unlocking the incredible potential of AI.