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Guest: Jeanette Stein

AI Generated Home Page Copy

Episode #909 September 28, 2023

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This week I had a chance to chat with Jeanette Stein, a seasoned business coach who specializes in using AI generated content  and automation for business growth. She shared insights into how to harness AI while maintaining a personalized touch, overcome SEO concerns, and develop a distinct brand voice.

As a writer, I am just a bit nervous about using AI generated copy for a website but Jeanette emphasizes the importance of maintaining a human element while interacting with AI, guiding it with prompts to create tailored content.

She suggests starting with prompts like asking AI to generate questions about your business for the homepage. By specifying tone, goals, and desired emotional impact, content can be customized effectively. Stein recommends consistency in prompts for branding purposes, and even uses a cheat sheet acronym called VIBRANT to enhance AI responses’ specificity.

To address SEO concerns and differentiation, Stein recommends steering clear of copying and pasting AI-generated content. Instead, she advocates for refining AI responses with your personal touch. She highlights the significance of maintaining consistency between the AI-generated content and your authentic voice, as discrepancies can erode trust. She also offers a technique where you use voice-to-text on your phone to dictate responses, further refining AI’s understanding of your style.

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our guest Jeanette Stein

Jeanette is a seasoned business coach, specializing in harnessing the power of AI and automation to accelerate business growth. Known for implementing optimization strategies that enhance efficiency, Jeanette has a proven track record in helping clients achieve more with less, from creating compelling content that converts to devising social media plans in minutes.

Be sure to download a copy of her gift to my listeners. https://jeanettestein.com/mtfw