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Guest: Deb Schell

Build Your Community

Episode #911 -October 6, 2023

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​Deb Schell  joins me for a conversation about building and nurturing communities. Deb emphasizes that in today’s information age, communities play a vital role in facilitating learning and implementation of new ideas, connecting people with similar challenges or goals. She also highlights the need for business owners to focus on the people, purpose, and problem-solving within their communities rather than fixating on platforms.

Deb suggests building your community by identifying ideal members within your existing network and understanding their challenges and needs. The choice of platform is secondary to the community’s concept, structure, and validation. She stresses the importance of creating spaces for members to engage with each other and providing clear guidance and incentives for participation. The conversation also touches on the importance of balancing online and in-person interactions and avoiding overwhelming community members with too many options.

Deb Schell’s insights and experience in community strategy provide valuable guidance for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to harness the power of communities to grow their businesses and foster meaningful connections.

Build Your  Community

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our guest Deb Schell

Since 2020, as a community strategist, Deb’s helped more than 60 entrepreneurs find calm in building, launching, and growing an online community.
She’s supported clients worldwide in Canada, Mexico, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.
Host of the Community Strategy Podcast, Deb has interviewed over 100 business and community leaders to learn firsthand what strategies work for online community builders.
Deb’s experience as a writer, creator, and designer for 20 years transformed into a business to help business leaders and executives take the “guesswork” out of online community building saving them thousands of dollars and hours of valuable time.