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Guest Geoffrey Klein

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​In this podcast episode of “More than a Few Words,” host Lorraine Ball interviews Geoffrey Klein, a story expert, TEDx speaker, and content producer, about creating captivating content. Klein’s new book, “The Content Beast,” serves as a guide to crafting remarkable content. The conversation revolves around the challenge of making content stand out and the art of storytelling.

Klein suggests that a key element of compelling content is understanding and catering to the audience. He introduces the concept of the “eleventh commandment”: knowing your audience. Instead of making content solely about oneself or the business, it should be geared towards the audience’s needs, interests, and pain points. Klein proposes a simple yet powerful storytelling structure called the “Story Pad,” which includes the elements of Pain (beginning), Answer (middle), and Difference (end). By identifying the audience’s problems, offering solutions, and illustrating the transformative impact of those solutions, content can resonate more effectively.

The podcast emphasizes that effective content creation involves understanding your target audience’s pain points, delivering relevant solutions, and highlighting the positive change that comes from using your product or service. Klein emphasizes that storytelling is a powerful tool for engagement, urging content creators to avoid self-aggrandizement and focus instead on relatable, audience-centered narratives. This approach can help content stand out and truly connect with the hearts and minds of the intended audience.

our guest Geoffrey Klein

Geoffrey’s career over the last 25 years has been about helping connect the right message to the right audience for the greatest impact. His experience spans from being legally trained to working for Seth Godin to working on major motion pictures at Paramount Pictures and MGM Studios.

Geoffrey has presented at Tedx LehighRiver, has guest lectured at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK), Drexel University, Hussian College and Temple University. As well, he has presented programs on The Science of Story at WeWork, CareersPHL, Intelligent Office, City-Coho, and the Small Business Expo.

In addition to running a content marketing agency, Geoffrey is an adjunct professor at Temple University’s School Of Media And Communication.