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Guest: Michelle McNally


Episode #921 November 2, 2023

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My friend Michelle McNally, the Executive Vice President of Customer Success for BoxCrush dropped by to talk about the importance of safeguarding digital assets, including passwords and resources. We talked about the key elements  business owners should have control over to ensure the security and accessibility of their online assets. Michelle highlights the common challenges faced by business owners and marketing departments when it comes to managing these assets. She stresses the importance of having access to domain ownership and Google properties, such as Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, Google Ads, and Google Business Profile, to create a robust online presence.

The conversation also delves into the necessity of having contingency plans and multiple accounts to ensure access in case an individual or agency loses access or control. Michelle emphasizes the need for business owners to be actively involved in maintaining ownership of these assets and not solely relying on agencies. They discuss the interdependence of these Google properties and how they now work more cohesively together.

Listen now to pick up tips on the critical steps business owners should take to protect and manage digital assets effectively and how to build contingency plans, ensuring  access to and control of the  digital presence.

our guest Michelle McNally

Michelle is the Executive Vice President of Customer Success for Box Crush. 

Michelle, as a search specialist, has provided a wealth of knowledge in keyword research and creating and managing Google Ads accounts for many BoxCrush clients. In addition to guiding the SEO, website analytics, and Google Ads strategies for BoxCrush clients, Michelle oversees the internal marketing team at BoxCrush and has played a significant role in shaping the company’s strategic goals and contributing to its long-term success.