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What is Your Brand Position

Episode #923 November 2, 2023

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More than just marketing hype, your brand is about creating an impression of your company in the mind of your prospective customer. It is the basis on which all your other marketing should be built.

More than ten years ago, Allison Carter and I discussed how a brand position defines who you are and who you serve.  It isn’t marketing copy, but a clear outline of what you want customers to think about when they hear your name.

A positioning statement contains the following elements:

  • Description of the target customer
  • Benefits sought by the target customer to solve a specific problem
  • Your unique solution

Why Should I Buy From You? 

That is the question every customer has in the back of their mind as you launch into your sales pitch. Your answer must demonstrate that you know who you are talking to, what their pain points are, and how your solution will solve their problem.

Use the simple step by step process outlined in this workbook to craft your position statement to answer those questions and you will close more sales.

our guest Allison Carter

Allison was the first co-host of More than a Few Words, brining a sharp sense of humor and an in-depth knowledge of marketing to every conversation. Today she is the Executive Editor for PR Daily, one of the industry’s leading continuing education sites, creating and curating daily content. From writing original stories to soliciting pitches to editing work and promoting on social media, she handles all aspects of the content strategy and execution as well as producing exclusive, data-driven reports for both PR Daily and clients and serving as a featured moderator and speaker at PR Daily’s live events.