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Guest: Lisa McDonald

the episode

Why did I invite Lisa McDonald, a certified career coach  to join me for a conversation?  You are not looking for a job, but you are probably looking for employees,

And Lisa is probably working with those potential employees, telling them not to apply for a job with your company.

In this lively conversation, we talk about the mistakes employers make starting with job descriptions that don’t really reflect the company to interviews that go completely off the rails.

This is one conversation you need to listen to, before you try to hire your next employee.

our guest Lisa  McDonald

Lisa created Career Polish because she knows how fear can cripple and trap you into settling for something less in your career or work-life balance than you want or deserve. She’s worked through it. She’s coached through it. And today she helps guide professionals to the other side.  


Certified Master Mindset Coach | Certified Professional Resume Writer | Certified Career Coach | Certified NLP Practitioner | Certified Emotional Intelligence  Coach | Certified Confidence Coach |  Certified CBT & REBT Life Coach | Registered Yoga Instructor  || Member: Career Directors International | Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches | Education Committee Member, CDI  | Former Member Forbes Coaches Council