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Call Visitors to Action

Episode #925 November 12, 2023

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​The goal of every page on your website is to get visitors to do something. Maybe that’s fill out a contact form, pick up the phone to call you, download an e-book, register for an event or sign up for your newsletter. No matter what it is you want customers to do the best way to get them to do that is to have a clear call to action on the page.

CTA’s come in all shapes and sizes as they’re scattered through your website. However, the one on your homepage, that primary CTA needs to be the most important thing you want  visitors to, so be bold with your call to action. Don’t be afraid to create something that catches their eye. It’s okay to use all caps on a CTA. . I know it feels as if you are shouting at them. But you just spent time, money or other resources to drive traffic to your website. It’s okay to shout just a little bit.

Use powerful words. Don’t just say submit. Give people a reason to take the next step. Don’t miss this, learn more  or enroll today. Get started create compelling calls to action and your visitors will take the actions you want them to take.

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A good landing page, is the last step in your inbound campaign designed to drive prospects to your website through ads, social media and cross promotions.  Sounds simple and it is when you build the right page and the right offer. 

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