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Time for a Rebrand

Episode #928 November 19, 2023

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​When you create your brand you are investing in something that should last for the long haul. The colors, the fonts and your overall style guide should remain fairly consistent over the life of your brand.  However, sometimes your business changes and when it does you might want to consider rebranding.

Maybe you want a more mature look, something more representative of. and established company. Or, in my case as I let go of my agency I’m looking to change my branding to create an image that is more about me so I’m going through a rebrand process right now.

I’m doing the things you need to do if you’re serious about rebranding.  I’m thinking about what I want my brand to represent, what I want people to think and when they see the More than a Few Words logo. The process is about the fonts. the colors and the style.  And, it’s not easy, but if it’s done right it will be a brand that will last.

Build Your Brand Kit

Your brand defines how customers think and feel about your company. Your logo, color, font, icons and the images you use all come together to create that impression.

Take inventory of your brand assets to create a clear, consistent impression with every interaction.

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