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Erin Lebacqz

Start with the Words

Episode #929 November 21, 2023023

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I know. you think we’re living in a visual video world.  Maybe you believe  and you don’t need to write anything anymore.  But that just isn’t true. No matter what happens in the world of content it starts with words. So I really enjoyed chatting with Erin Lebacqz about the challenges people face when starting to write and tips on effective writing techniques for both informational and emotional impacts.

Erin provides valuable advice on initiating writing, combatting “Blank Screen Paralysis,” and how to engage readers effectively. She underscores the importance of addressing both the informational and emotional aspects of communication. For conveying information clearly, she suggests using direct and concise language, reducing bureaucratic or formal tone, and using verbs effectively to provide a call to action. This approach ensures that readers can easily understand and engage with the content. She also touches on the use of AI in content creation and the need to balance AI-generated content with a human touch to maintain authenticity and eliminate self-centeredness.

our guest Erin Lebacqz

International educator and author Erin Lebacqz has been teaching writing for over 25 years. Her clients include business and non-profit organizations in the United States and around the world. Her new book High-Value Writing: Real Strategies for Real-World Writing helps business writers boost their confidence by writing clearly, concisely, and with intention.

Want to learn more?  Check our Erin’s YouTube channel  which helps listeners find new ways to meet their writing goals. It also supports team leads who need to support remote teams. The channel provides strategies, tips, tricks, and insights. It also shows viewers where to find more info on my book and services.