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Guest: Andrea Liebross

She Thinks Big

Episode #933 November 30, 2023

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I was so excited to have another chance to talk to Andrea Liebross, a business and life coach who specializes in empowering female entrepreneurs.  This time our conversation revolved around how women owners can think big, manage like a CEO, and achieve success in both their professional and personal lives. Andrea shares insights from her new book, “She Thinks Big: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Guide to Moving Past the Messy Middle and Into the Extraordinary.” She outlines four key steps for becoming a big thinker, someone who makes decisions based on their future self and goals.

The first step is to consider all your thought options, which means choosing thoughts that lead to positive feelings and desired actions. Next, Andrea emphasizes the importance of targeting the real problem, often rooted in a desire to avoid negative emotions. She encourages embracing uncertainty and ambiguity, recognizing that the future is uncertain and that we can’t control every aspect of our journey. Lastly, seeking support is vital for entrepreneurs, whether through mentors, coaches, or supportive communities.

Andrea’s advice offers practical steps for entrepreneurs to become big thinkers, make better decisions, and navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. She also highlights her new book, which provides valuable guidance on this journey.

our guest Andrea Liebross

Andrea Liebross is a business and life coach specializing in empowering female entrepreneurs, to infuse momentum with action so they can drop the drama and figure out how to think like a CEO, manage like a CEO and believe in themselves to achieve success at work and at home.

Celebrated for her transformative work with unapologetically ambitious women, helping translate their visions into tangible accomplishments, Liebross is also the author of She Thinks Big: The Entrepreneurial Woman’s Guide to Moving Past the Messy Middle and into the Extraordinary,

Andrea is dedicated to implementing systems and strategies that lead to sustainable and meaningful success. She possesses the unique ability to decipher complex situations and shed light on the broader perspective, one that transcends business politics and tedious responsibilities. Her focus is on guiding women toward their highest potential, free from the constraints of traditional norms, to achieve a coveted balance of time, financial prosperity, and boundless energy.

Beyond her coaching, Andrea is a dynamic speaker and the engaging host of the Time to Level Up podcast where she works to help listeners create a plan to have a profitable and successful business, and best of all, live with unapologetic ambition.