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HOST: Lorraine Ball

The Right CTA

Episode #943 December 24, 2023

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Once someone starts to fill out your form, you want to be sure they take that last step to submit the form. But the truth is, people don’t actually like to submit. Although that is almost always the default choice when you build a form it is actually one of the least effective phrases you can use.   Here are some better choices

Use a word that commands action: click register, go or download

Use language that actually promises the benefit:  Get the case study, watch the video

The stronger and more compelling the language, the greater the chance that someone will actually finish the process.

And one final note, keep your call to action, short one to three words and use all caps. I know I know. It feels like you’re shouting when you use all caps. But you went to the trouble of driving someone to this page. You don’t want them to leave without filling out the form.

Conversion Page Tips

A good landing page, is the last step in your inbound campaign designed to drive prospects to your website through ads, social media and cross promotions.  The goal is to offer something of value in exchange for their contact information.

Sounds simple and it is when you build the right page and the right offer. Learn all the tricks to building compelling landing pages with our FREE Guide To Conversion Pages.