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Guest: Tom Ruwitch


Episode #945 December 28, 2023

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I am pumped to have Tom Ruwitch on the show. Now, Tom is not your average business growth guru; he’s a storytelling aficionado and a pioneer in content marketing. He is on a mission to rescue us from the clutches of mundane, prospect-repelling content that makes marketing feel like a never-ending drag.

So, I kicked off the conversation with a simple question:  Why do storytellers sell more? Tom broke it down, explaining that it’s not just about regaling your own legendary origin story. It’s about understanding the journey your prospects want to take. When you tell stories that resonate with your audience, they lean in, feeling heard, understood, and connected. Tom shares that storytellers don’t just sell more; they also have more fun. It’s about transforming content creation from a slog to an enjoyable, entertaining experience that not only fires up the creator but also engages and inspires prospects.

We also chatted about a common resistance to storytelling, especially among the serious business types like engineers and accountants. Tom’s advice is gold: drop the professional mask, embrace your personality, sprinkle in some humor, and create “infotaining” content that reflects who you are. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about standing out as a human in a sea of commoditized, professional content. So, if you’re tired of the same old marketing routine and want to infuse some life into your content, this episode with Tom is a must-listen. Trust me; you’re in for a treat!

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our guest Tom Ruwitch

Tom Ruwitch is a storyteller, business growth catalyst, and content marketing pioneer. In 2001, Tom founded the email marketing software and services company MarketVolt — before most business people had even heard of email marketing. He sold MarketVolt in 2019 and founded Story Power Marketing. Today, coaches, authors, and other experts hire Tom to power up their stories because most dish out the same old boring content that turns off prospects, and then they feel frustrated and stuck. So Tom helps them transform content from prospect-repelling to client-attracting, turn marketing from frustrating to fun, and convert results from subpar to superb.

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