“Write Yourself a Letter”

episode #949 – JANUARY 7, 2024

HOST: Lorraine Ball

As the new year unfolds, stop and write your future self a letter. 

the episode

You have a whole year ahead of you. You will accomplish amazing things. So, what I want you to do right now is close your eyes and imagine that it’s not January but December. Imagine all the things you’ve accomplished this year. Go ahead, write them all down. Put that piece of paper in an envelope and seal it.  Don’t open it until the last day of the year

Dream Big

Dream big both personally and professionally. Maybe you want to lose weight, expand your team, launch new products, or close more sales. Be specific; do you want 5, 50, or 500 new projects. Write your goals down. There is lots of research which indicates even the simple act of writing your goals will help you stay on track to accomplish them.

As you visualize the success, make a list the new skills you learned and the changes you made in order to accomplish your goals. Think about the risks you took and how those risks panned out. If you are running a company with employees, think about how proud you are of their growth and accomplishments, too.

I do this every year and it’s a great exercise. It reminds me how I felt at the beginning of the year and it helps me get ready for the next year. So go ahead write yourself a letter and have a great year.

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