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Guest: Laura Wagenknecht

A Strategic Marketing Approach

Episode #951 January 11, 2024

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Today, I’m thrilled to have Laura Wagenknecht back on the show for another chat about marketing strategy. We touched on business planning in our last episode, so if you missed it, go check it out. But today, it’s all about being strategic with your marketing efforts.

You know, so many business owners say, “I know some of my marketing is working, but I’m not sure which 50%.” Well, if you want to up your success rate, you need a plan. Laura, the owner of Mosaic Business Consulting,   is the perfect guide for this. She emphasizes the importance of unveiling your marketing gradually, focusing on niche markets, and tailoring your approach to different audiences.

In our conversation, Laura dives into the intricacies of strategic marketing, especially for service-based businesses. She encourages clients to identify their niche market and gradually expand, using a layered approach. We discuss the significance of understanding your ideal client, exploring qualities, and building relationships.

Laura also shares her insights on selecting marketing channels based on demographics and psychographics. Her advice to start with 1 or 2 channels resonates with the idea of not overwhelming yourself in the early stages. So, if you’re a business owner navigating the marketing maze, Laura’s strategic perspective might just be the guidance you need. Tune in for more insights on marketing, business, and the occasional chuckle.

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our guest Laura Wagenknecht

Laura  Owner of Mosaic Business Consulting, is an experienced Business Consultant, Planner, Strategist, and Certified Executive Coach. With more than 30 years of professional experience, and as a former and current CEO, she is clear about the big picture and the many pieces that comprise a business and can determine where the gaps are that could help your business grow more quickly and successfully.

Laura specializes in working with women and minority-owned businesses, especially those who are in healthcare, coaching, consulting, and counseling industries. She believes our diverse coaching practices provide a critical and beautiful contribution to the business community. With compassion, wisdom, and expertise, she can help her clients create the business and the success they have envisioned.

To date, Laura has helped hundreds of businesses throughout the area and other states to start and scale their businesses for greater profits. Last year, she was able to help numerous businesses acquire over $1 Million of needed funding to start their companies. And, she was the 2022 award winner of Best in Business for the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce!

In choosing the name for her business, she did so with several things in mind: her mosaic of a background in experiences, both personally and professionally, the mosaic of a business, AND most importantly, the mosaic of the clients she serves! A mosaic is a collection of small pieces that, when put together, create a whole picture.

Laura’s diverse business background and expertise make her the ideal fit for working with diverse businesses with diverse needs