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I’m glad you’re listening to this episode, but are you actively listening? That’s the topic I dove into with Patrick Donadio, author of the book “Communicating with Impact,” which outlines a process designed to improve communication, increase profits, and boost performance in less time.

Our conversation kicks off stressing the pivotal role of setting intentions in communication, underscoring that a clear purpose steers the entire interaction. As we explore the significance of listening, particularly in sales scenarios, Patrick shares his  perspective that successful selling hinges more on adept listening than on excessive talking.

We dissect common stumbling blocks, including the challenge posed by the gap between the speed of thinking and speaking. Patrick introduces practical techniques such as paraphrasing, note-taking, and the intriguing concept of the “internal summary” to heighten active listening skills.

our guest Patrick Donadio

Patrick Donadio has spoken nationally and internationally for over two decades and trained thousands of leaders and their teams in a wide range of industries, from Fortune 100 corporations to associations.

Patrick has taken his decades of experience and crafted a results-based process detailed in his book, “Communicating with IMPACT,” in order to help C-Suite executives and all leaders “grow their people.” He coaches leaders and teams on how to use his IMPACT process to communicate clearly, lead effectively, present powerfully, listen attentively, and improve their bottom line.

This is Patrick’s third visit to the show.  If you missed our earlier conversations, you can find them here: 

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Episode #669 March 22, 2022