Laura Wagenknech

Guest: Mechelle McDonald

Simple Video Tips for Small Business Owners

Episode #956 January 23, 2024

the episode

We are living in a Video world.  All the major social media platforms, and many of the upstarts are flooded with video.  If you aren’t creating at least some video content, you are really missing an opportunity to put yourself in front of potential customers. 

Mechelle McDonald explains that every business owner, even if they are camera shy, needs to find a way to put themselves on camera.  Potential customers want to touch, see, feel and connect. Video lets you do all that.  In addition to explaining why video, she shared a few tips on how you can step slowly into video. 

our guest Mechelle McDonald

Delivering on the concept of communication that connects, Mechelle A. McDonald is a Bahamian writer, entrepreneur, growth coach and speaker who finds joy in empowering and uplifting others through impactful conversations. Within her experience of hosting the Australian-based Evolvepreneur (After Hours) Show podcast, Mechelle has created captivating conversations with over 100 global speakers including 6 and 7-figure CEOs, coaches, consultants, authors, and entrepreneurs. Each of these providing unique insight for businesses of any level. In addition to this, she founded and hosts her local show Vibration, which provides an online platform for Bahamian and Afro-Caribbean advocates and visionaries (70 to date) to speak their distinct truth, passion and personal message, focused on uplifting the region’s history and culture including topics on the orange economy, sustainability, language and literacy.

As a speaker, she has inspired over 130 high school and college students on entrepreneurship and creativity, motivated several educators on self-care and empowered seniors on the value of health. Mechelle also authored her online course on personal goal clarity and achievement with Madecraft, which is available on LinkedIn Learning and has reached over 3,000 learners.

Among her milestones, Mechelle was selected as a semi-finalist for the Top 49 Millennials in The Bahamas in 2022, under the theme: “The Road to 49: Celebrating Our Nation’s Best” and was the 1st Sustainable Development Movement Ambassador from The Bahamas with the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) in 2021, which are connected to her strong environmental and volunteerism values. Mechelle was also the Bahamas National Trust’s 1st Corporate Highlight for her development of a corporate volunteer program which supports the preservation and conservation of BNT parks around the world. She was also one of four Bahamian female entrepreneurs to attend the UN Women Caribbean’s 1st Leadership and Networking Workshop held in Kingston, Jamaica in December 2022. In coaching , Mechelle guides her clients to transform their personal narratives with tools of clarity and empowerment, to elevate into greatness.

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