Laura Wagenknech

Guest: Victoria Noethling

Time to Train Your Team

Episode #957 January 25, 2024

Today’s talk centers around the unavoidable truth: not every employee walks into the office fully equipped for the job’s challenges. Enter the world of training, a necessary step for workforce readiness. Joining me is is Vicki Noethling .

We explored the hurdles faced by small businesses with fewer than ten employees when it comes to carving out time for training and developing effective plans. Small business owners often find themselves juggling individual tasks, with training sometimes taking a back seat.  We discussed the benefits of having an outside perspective through avenues like lunch and learn sessions, helping uncover gaps in skills and knowledge.

Vicki sheds light on her approach to identifying team dynamics, using icebreakers and empathy-building exercises to enhance communication. We delve into the intricacies of leadership and communication struggles within teams, emphasizing the value of external assistance in bridging gaps.

Shifting gears, we touch on the current age of remote work, acknowledging the lack of guidance on effective communication in virtual spaces. Vicki shares her insights on fostering connection and engagement in remote teams, emphasizing the importance of mastering both audio and video communication skills. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of team dynamics or adapting to the remote work era, this episode provides practical insights.

our guest Victoria Noethling

Vicki is originally from Pittsburgh and had spent over 40 years in the corporate world before retiring in 2018. Vicki spent the last 17 years of that career as a Project Manager for large scale, multi-year programs. Volunteering is a huge part of her life and one reward of that was to be selected as one of the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay runners.

In 2017, just prior to early retirement, she joined Neora, an anti-aging and wellness company. Their mission to help people Look Better, Feel Better, and Live Better fit right into Vicki’s long-term vision and goals. Her love of self-development led her to become a Toastmaster in 1998 and has served every leadership role from club to being an International Region Advisor for Region 2 in California where she mentored District leaders on leadership, conflict resolution, and strategic positioning.

Vicki has devoted the last 10 years building the district 44 Youth Leadership program and continues to help children 8-17 improve their confidence by instructing them on effective communication skills via the Toastmaster program. Vicki believes that one of her keys to success is continually investing in her personal development.

Since 2022 she has co-authored six collaborative books and launched The Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast. She currently has two online courses to compliment her online webinar, coaching program which includes an option for a 3-, 6-, and 12-month mastermind. She hosts a quarterly Find Your Leadership Confidence Virtual 1-day Summit to showcase her previous podcast guests.

Schedule 30 minute chat to see how she can help you grow as a confident leader.