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Host: Lorraine Ball

Start with Original Content

Episode #958 January 28, 2024

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Today’s tip start with a bit of a rant.  I teach marketing at a local university and was grading papers the other night.  As I read, it occurred to me a number of my students were using CHAT GPT to write their essays. I was annoyed but also stopped to think about why I felt like that was problematic.

The answer was pretty simple. Their answers were generic, boring and they didn’t really address my specific question. In a way that is the same challenge content marketers have when using AI to create content

If you’re not starting with good, original content the end result is generic,  a little boring and doesn’t really answer the questions your customers have. 

So how do you get around that? Well the best way to use AI on the front end is to ask it a question. Then you overlay your own content on top of the generic outline.  Or use AI on the back end, uploading a blog post you’ve already written and ask AI to transform your content into a series of social media updates. Ask it to rewrite headlines or create teasers.

Try this with transcripts from interviews and podcasts. Ask it to create summaries. 

When you start with your content. the end result is not going to be generic or boring and it will answer questions your customers have.

Ultimate Guide to Web Copy

People will enjoy the cool features and a clean design of your website, but that isn’t why they come. It is the content that brings them to your site, helps them find what they are looking for.

If your website doesn’t present information that is easy to find, consume, and comprehend they aren’t going to stick around.

This guide gives you tips and tricks for writing web copy that helps you get found on Google, makes your landing pages easy to read, and gives your visitors exactly what they need 

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