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Guest: Tina Bakehouse

We are all Magnetic Speakers

Episode #962 February 6, 2024

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Chatting with Tina Bakehouse was like unwrapping a gift for anyone who’s ever hesitated to step into the spotlight. We explored the idea that public speaking isn’t just for natural extroverts.  It is about discovering that inner magnetism within all of us. Tina, the author of “Discovering Our Magnetic Speaker Within,” brought her insights to the table, emphasizing that being magnetic involves intentional communication, encompassing words, voice, body language, energy, and overall essence.

Tina’s three pillars – the Magnetic Mind, Message, and Mechanics – provided a roadmap for aspiring speakers. We kicked off with the Magnetic Mind, delving into temperament, authentic selves, and the power of introversion in public speaking. Tina shattered the myth that only extroverts make great speakers, highlighting the impact of leaders like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, who wielded quiet charisma. The message became our focal point, as Tina shared strategies for crafting compelling content, urging speakers to be audience-centered, embrace storytelling, humor, and find their unique vocal dynamics.

Finally, we dived into Mechanics, the icing on the cake. Tina underscored the importance of intentional delivery, considering how it looks, sounds, and feels to the audience. She encouraged speakers to tap into different learning styles, catering to auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners. The significance of practice and a speaker ritual, working on both voice and body language, was a key takeaway. Tina’s parting words wrapped up the conversation beautifully, reinforcing that our words and essence are a gift to the audience, urging speakers to be audience-centered and change the world through their impactful messages. It was an insightful and empowering discussion that reminded us all that speaking is a gift we can share with the world.



Start in the Middle

If you missed my earlier conversation with Tina, you can listen now to discover why you need to start in the middle, when you are stuck!

Start in the Middle

Episode #659 November 25, 2021

our guest Tina Bakehouse

​Tina has started her own company, Tina B LLC, to provide public speaking coaching and communication consulting to help individuals and organizations communicate more effectively. With 16 years of teaching communication and theatre (10 years at Creighton University), a TEDx speaker and coach, Tina is passionate about educating others to become more self-aware and enhance their speaker style.  After earning two BAs from the University of Northern Iowa, one in communication studies and psychology, and the second in theatre and English teaching, she completed a master’s degree in communication studies through the University of Nebraska-Omaha and completed certificates in Advanced Professional Writing, Keirsey’s temperament theory and two levels of improvisation training.

Her past positions have included Malvern Bank’s Chief Creative Officer, assisting with community development and coordinating financial literacy and educational opportunities for Mills County and Golden Hills RC & D as Outreach & Communication Coordinator, promoting the arts and local foods in southwest Iowa.

Tina has performed and coordinated multiple storytelling shows in southwest Iowa, including two teen shows.  She continues to use her creativity, leadership, and passion for the arts to help people communicate effectively and solve problems. Tina lives at Maple Edge Farm, a 150-year old family farm in southwest Iowa, with her husband Jon and son Anderson.

She is the author of Discovering Our Magnetic Speaker Within

Look for the book and more on her website