Ann Carden

Guest: Ann Carden

Irrelevant Competitors

Episode #966 February 15, 2024

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In this insightful interview, I had a chance to chat with Anne Carden, about making competitors irrelevant by building a business that stands out. She emphasizes the importance of identifying and leveraging a business’s unique selling proposition or “sweet spot.” Anne  explains every business, regardless of size, possesses a distinctive quality that can set it apart, emphasizing the need to position oneself around that expertise to become untouchable in the market.

She provides practical examples of businesses she has worked with, such as a plumbing company and an auto repair shop, showcasing how they differentiated themselves by addressing specific pain points in their industries. She stresses the significance of backing up claims with social proof, such as testimonials and case studies, to build trust with potential clients.  The conversation encourages business owners to think strategically about their unique strengths and how they can use them to make competitors irrelevant in their respective markets.

What makes you unique?

To answer the question, why should I buy from you, start with what makes you unique. Define what separates you from all the competitors and you will be on  your way to making your competitors irrelevant.

Use our position statement workbook to organize your ideas and craft your position statement. 

about  Ann Carden

Ann Carden is a Strategic Business Growth Consultant and Marketing & Sales Coach, CEO of A. Carden Inc., and founder of the “Expert In You” brand and programs. She is a 3x Author & #1 Int. Bestselling Author, Speaker, and podcast host of “EXPERT IN YOU. Ann has more than forty-one years of business, marketing, and sales experience. She spent thirteen years in corporate business management managing multiple-million dollar departments for a multi-billion-dollar national retail corporation.

She has been an entrepreneur for over thirty years, building and selling five previous businesses. Working as a consultant/coach since 2010, Ann has helped hundreds of coaches, consultants, and service businesses add hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars to their business in over sixty industries. She has also trained and educated thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals through speaking, workshops, seminars, and social media channels.

Ann was recently inducted into Who’s Who in America for Entrepreneurship and into Who’s Who in America for Professional Women. Ann has been featured on various media channels with articles and syndicated podcasts.