Bear Newman

Guest: Bear Newman

Don't be Afraid of SEO

Episode #969 February 22, 2024

the episode

​In this conversation, Bear Newman, a seasoned digital marketer and author with over 15 years in the field joined me for a conversation about SEO. If you’re like many business owners, SEO might be a bit of a mystery, and that’s why I’ve brought Bear in to help us demystify it. We kick off by addressing common fears around SEO and highlighting the importance of taking action rather than striving for perfection right from the start.

Bear dives into the conversation, shedding light on the misconceptions surrounding SEO. He urges a shift in mindset, emphasizing that getting started is more crucial than achieving perfection. We discuss practical tips for newcomers to the digital space, stressing the significance of regular content updates, understanding Google Analytics for effective tracking, and optimizing website design for better user engagement. Throughout our chat, he underscores the importance of metrics like bounce rate as key indicators of a website’s health and suggests tailoring websites to guide visitors toward specific actions aligned with business goals.

Our conversation provides valuable insights into SEO strategies, covering topics such as consistently adding quality content, leveraging AI for content enhancement, and the critical role of tracking metrics for website performance.

The SEO Glossary for Beginners

When it comes to learning a new language, you start with a few basic terms and build over time. This SEO Basic Glossary will give you a starting point as you begin your study of SEO.

our guest Bear Newman

Bear Newman is an accomplished digital marketer and author, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, Bear has worked with numerous businesses, ranging from start-ups to large corporations with revenues exceeding $400 million. With his expertise in digital marketing, Bear has strategized and implemented custom marketing strategies for hundreds of companies, helping them achieve their business goals.