Bear Newman

Guest: David Ask

Find Your Passion

Episode #972 February 29, 2024

the episode

I had a chance to chat with David Ask, an accomplished entrepreneur and product development expert, to discuss the essence of creating a heart-centered business.

As the leader of a mastermind group, David believes in the uniqueness of each person’s spirit and soul.  He encourages individuals to explore what lights them up and drives their energy. As the conversation unfolds, he reflects on his own journey, revealing his identity as a creative rather than a conventional entrepreneur. He stresses the importance of self-awareness and recommends reading impactful books and engaging with like-minded individuals to gain clarity on one’s purpose.

David also talks about the need for balance between personal and professional success, avoiding the pitfalls of a skewed focus on financial achievements.

our guest David Ask

David Ask: A standout in the world of entrepreneurship and product development. David is the driving force behind, a product showcased in over 3,000 retail giants like The Home Depot and Lowe’s. Alongside this success, he spearheads two mastermind groups under the prestigious “ISI Mastermind” banner. David is passionate about personal growth, overcoming obstacles and dialing in on uniqueness of purpose. David is the lead coach for Dr. Andy Garrett’s True North Blueprint which helps people become the most resilient people on earth.