Bear Newman

Guest: Behdad Jamshidi

Finding The Right Marketing Partner

Episode #978 March 14, 2024

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​When you are ready to take the next step in your business you will need a marketing partner, but how do you find the right one?   That’s what I talked to Behdad Jamshidi, founder of CJAM Marketing about.  In this lively conversation he shared insights into navigating the process of selecting the ideal marketing team.

Behdad defines a marketing partner as an agency, freelancer, or contractor who helps businesses execute marketing strategies while allowing them to focus on core operations. He emphasizes the need for alignment between business goals and the capabilities of the marketing partner.

One common mistake highlighted is the tendency for businesses to jump on trendy marketing tactics without a long-term strategy. Instead, He advises businesses to establish clear goals and seek partners with proven track records and solid foundations.

When evaluating potential marketing partners, Behdad suggests asking key questions about the agency’s history, core competencies, and client retention rates. He emphasizes the importance of finding a partner with experience and expertise relevant to the business’s needs without being overly niche.

Behdad and I agree that is is important to find the right-sized partner for the current stage of the business, rather than aiming too high or too low. By focusing on alignment, experience, and scalability, businesses can establish successful, long-term partnerships with their marketing teams.

our guest Behdad Jamshidi

Behdad Jamshidi is the founder of CJAM Marketing. He’s an engineer turned marketer whose been featured in MarketWatch, Bloomberg, National Post and more. His sole purpose is to connect businesses to the right marketing partners. He realized that business owners don’t know how to evaluate the value of a marketing agency or assess their own needs. After having vetted over 742+ marketing agencies and partners. He’s vetted that list down to 90+ partners.