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Host: Lorraine Ball

Commit to LinkedIn

Episode #979 March 17, 2024

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This year I decided to follow my own advice and commit to one social media platform. Sure I still post content in lots of places, but I am spending time every day on only one platform – LinkedIn.

And, I am not just showing up, posting an update, liking a few things and leaving. I did some research to find out what the LinkedIn algorithm likes and adjusted my approach accordingly.

  1. Comments matter. So I am spending time writing meaningful comments on multiple posts each day. I engage with people who engage with me as well as influential people I follow.
  2. Video works. I am incorporating lots of video clips. It means I have fewer people listening to the full episodes, but I am reaching more people with my content, so I will take that as a win.
  3. Strategic connection requests. Selectively sending connection requests to people who engage with the same content I am engaging with has helped me to build a more interesting and engaged community.

Working Together to Expand Reach

Let’s face it, one of the most frustrating things about sharing content on any social platform, is not getting engagement. While the algorithm certainly controls some of that, you can influence the algorithm.

On LinkedIn, the more engagement your post gets in the first few hours, the more visibility it will have. So, you need a community that responds when you post.

One way to increase engagement is to start talking to other individuals so you see their content and they see yours. Tag a few select people in the comments, ask a question that encourages their response. Then respond to people who comment. No simple likes or thumbs up. You need to keep the conversation going.

Does this extra attention pay off?

It as only be about six weeks, but so far I am satisfied with the results. I have doubled the amount of traffic to my website from LinkedIn. Given the push to a zero click environment, this growth is pretty impressive.

I have added about 400 connections. Not just random spammers, but people I am actually talking to. which make the time I spend on this platform more interesting and productive.

So for now, I am going to invest more time on this platform.

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