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Guest: Amy Singleton

Building Authority with Authenticity

Episode #984 March 28, 2024

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I loved the chance to welcome Amy Singleton, the CEO of High Digital Norman to sit in my guest chair. Amy is the CEO and owner of Hite Digital Norman, an Inc. 5000 digital and branding agency. Amy’s mission is to empower individuals to reconcile their personal and professional aspirations without compromise, and today, we’re tapping into her expertise to explore how businesses can authentically engage with Google’s algorithms to stand out in a world inundated with AI-generated content.

Together we explored the intricacies of organic marketing and crafting compelling content for Google. Throughout the discussion, Amy shared invaluable insights into deciphering what Google prioritizes in its search algorithms, emphasizing the importance of delivering quick, relevant answers to users’ queries.

Understanding Google’s Desires

As we kick off our conversation, Amy emphasizes the importance of understanding what Google truly wants. “Google wants things that are fast, relevant, and profitable,” she explains. The search engine giant aims to provide users with quick, accurate answers to their queries, fostering repeat engagement and loyalty.

Crafting Relevant Content

So, how can businesses ensure their content resonates with Google’s algorithms? Amy suggests several strategies, starting with optimizing Google business profiles and local listings. Consistency across these platforms builds credibility and trust, key factors in Google’s ranking system.

Additionally, Amy highlights the significance of backend structures, such as schema markup and metadata, in enhancing a website’s visibility. By providing clear signals about the content’s relevance, businesses can improve their chances of appearing in relevant search results.

Answering the Right Questions

Understanding user intent is crucial in crafting effective content. Amy illustrates this point with an anecdote about a successful blog post on her previous company’s website. Despite its seemingly mundane topic—how much painters make per hour—the article addressed a common query among homeowners, driving significant traffic to the site.

Embracing Authenticity

In a landscape saturated with AI-generated content, authenticity emerges as a competitive advantage. While AI can offer valuable insights and inspiration, Amy emphasizes the importance of infusing content with a human touch. Whether through storytelling or personalization, businesses can create a unique connection with their audience.

Building Authority

To further assert relevance and authority, Amy recommends leveraging press releases and securing backlinks from reputable sources. These tactics not only enhance a website’s credibility but also demonstrate its expertise within its niche.

A Call to Action

As our conversation draws to a close, Amy extends a generous offer to our audience: a complimentary website audit to identify areas of opportunity and improvement. This gesture exemplifies her commitment to supporting businesses on their digital journey.


These days, it is all about authenticity and relevance.  When you understand Google’s preferences and create content to match their strategy you can navigate the complexities of organic marketing with confidence. As Amy Singleton reminds us, success lies not in mimicking AI-generated content but in harnessing the power of human connection to engage and inspire.

our guest Amy Singleton

Amy Singleton, CEO/owner of Hite Digital Norman, an Inc.5000 digital and branding agency. She’s a former Registered who faced a health crisis that redirected her life. Battling loneliness and suicidal thoughts, she emerged stronger, dedicating herself to guiding others toward hope and purpose amid failures. Amy empowers women to redefine success after setbacks, blending humor, stories, and practical insights. Her mission is to help individuals reconcile professional and personal aspirations without compromise. Amy’s approach cuts through the noise, inspiring others to live authentically, whether overcoming personal, professional, or health-related challenges. In her journey, she advocates that genuine hope lies ahead when we discard the falsehoods and embrace authenticity