“Marketing Wallpaper”

episode #988 – April 7, 2024

HOST: Lorraine Ball

Is your marketing message fading into the background, like wallpaper? 

the episode

Has your brand become like background noise in the marketing landscape? Repeatedly saying the same thing has value as you try to establish a consistent brand . However, when it becomes a monotonous drone, your audience tunes out.

If your message has lost its flavor and faded into the sea of sameness, it’s time to rekindle interest in your brand through subtle adjustments.

Introduce a fresh hue into your visual palette or refine your verbiage to highlight a singular aspect of your message. These subtle shifts within the familiar can jolt your audience out of complacency and reignite their attention.

It is like giving your brand a fresh coat of paint, revitalizing its presence in the minds of your audience.

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