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Guest: Karen Yankovich

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In this lively interview, Karen Yankovich, CEO of Uplevel Media and host of the Good Girls Get Rich podcast, shares her insights on leveraging LinkedIn for business success. With over 30 years of experience in tech marketing and customer relations, she  highlights how LinkedIn provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with high-caliber individuals and secure substantial contracts, making it a lucrative space for business growth.

Karen emphasizes the importance of strategic engagement on LinkedIn, advising against spammy cold outreach tactics. Instead, she advocates for a magnetic approach, focusing on creating meaningful connections through genuine conversations and value-driven interactions. By crafting a compelling profile and strategically targeting key individuals and influencers, entrepreneurs can position themselves as thought leaders and attract lucrative opportunities organically.

The conversation underscores timeless networking principles, echoing traditional face-to-face strategies adapted to the digital landscape. Karen stresses the significance of consistency in engagement, advising entrepreneurs to prioritize quality over quantity when expanding their network. By nurturing relationships and providing value over time, entrepreneurs can harness LinkedIn’s potential to drive business growth and establish themselves as industry leaders. As the interview concludes, listeners are encouraged to connect with Karen on LinkedIn to further explore her expertise and insights.


our guest Karen Yankovich

Karen Yankovich is the CEO of Uplevel Media and the host of Good Girls Get Rich podcast. She’s a LinkedIn strategist and speaker dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs with more than 30 years of experience in tech marketing and customer relations.

She merges her expertise with a passion for guiding women to take charge of their destiny. She specializes in leveraging LinkedIn and PR strategies to help her clients become thought leaders fostering wealth creation and impactful personal branding