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Guest: Kris Ward

What is Your Problem Solving Personality?

Episode #992 April 16, 2024

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Kris Ward is back in the guest chair, this time with a lively conversation about entrepreneurial personalities. She delves into her unique approach of categorizing entrepreneurs into five distinct personalities based on their problem-solving and process management styles. From the “Rushaholic” who thrives on speed but may overlook details, to the “Sufferpreneur” who excels at crisis management but struggles with burnout, each personality has its strengths and weaknesses.

As Kris introduces each personality type, she highlights the common pitfalls and misconceptions associated with them. You probably won’t change your type so it is important to understand your tendencies and find a balance between the strengths and weaknesses of your personality.  Kris encourages entrepreneurs to lean into their unique traits effectively, whether it’s the meticulousness of the “Perfectionizer” or the multitasking prowess of the “Jugglerrama.”

Mastering your personality starts with self-awareness and Kris has offer listeners the opportunity to explore their own entrepreneurial personality with this simple quiz. 

This is not the first time Kris has sat in the guest chair.  If you enjoyed this conversation, be sure to check out other episodes featuring Kris

our guest Kris Ward

Kris Ward is an author, podcaster coach, and speaker. She is a team building and system strategist and a leading authority in building your business by building your team. She is the founder of Win the Hour, Win the Day day philosophy and she helps entrepreneurs create their WIN team.

Learn more at:  Winthehourwintheday.com