Karen Yankovich,

Guest: Parker Olsen

Using AI to Collect and Analyze Data

Episode #993 April 18, 2024

the episode

This week, I had a chance to chat with Parker Olson, a seasoned entrepreneur who shares invaluable insights into the lesser-explored realms of AI beyond content generation. With a background using AI to automate workflows, Parker sheds light on the transformative power of AI in streamlining business processes. As the founder of PodPitch, a business that  uses AI to analyze podcast data and match audiences with relevant content, Parker offers practical advice on how entrepreneurs can harness AI for automation.

He dives into the nitty-gritty of AI tools, emphasizing their capability for data collection, analysis, and automation. He introduces beginner-friendly tools like Bardeen AI for effortless web scraping and chat GPT API integration with Google Sheets for data analysis. Through concrete examples and user-friendly explanations, Parker demystifies the process of leveraging AI to automate tasks, from data collection to outreach messaging, empowering entrepreneurs to save time and boost efficiency.

Parker’s insights offer a roadmap for entrepreneurs looking to optimize their workflows and maximize productivity through AI integration. With actionable tips and resources, the interview will inspire you to explore the untapped potential of AI in revolutionizing their business operations.



our guest Parker Olsen

In his own words …

My winding professional road started in the dorm room – In 8 months I built a Twitter account to over 750,000 followers, channeling that success into a profitable blog. 
A few years later I embarked on an 18-month dietary experiment, exploring how nutrition impacted my quality of life. I fell in love with mushrooms & whole food eating. Quickly my mushroom passion led to my first board seat, at the largest mycological society in the US. I became so compelled by the health benefits of mushrooms that I started FORIJ, a functional food company leveraging the power of mushrooms.
Startups are hard & require ingenuity to build a lean operation. I began leveraging AI, scraping models & remote-talent to build cool sales & marketing tools. That landed me in the podcast space & now I’m building something that creates a win-win scenario for podcast hosts & guests alike.