Laura Wagenknech

Guest: Greg Wasserman

Use AI to Re-Purpose Your Content

Episode #995 April 23, 2024

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If you’re like me, you’re cranking out a ton of marketing content and your wishing you could get way more bang for every minute you put into it. Well, according to Greg Wasserman, head of growth partnerships and community for Cast Magic, if you’re willing to enlist the aid of a little AI your can make the time you spend much more effective.

Greg really believes in the importance of recording everything, whether it’s thoughts, meetings, or conversations, as potential content sources. With the help of AI tools you can transform these recordings into various resources, such as blog posts, social media clips, and LinkedIn posts, giving you a consistent content presence without spending hours and hours to create the content. .

Think about content as a volume play, as you try to increase your brand visibility and engagement. Greg suggests using AI to repurpose content not only saves time but also allows you to cater to the evolving algorithms of search platforms.  For example, Google prioritizes content that answers customers’ questions. So lean on AI to help your rewrite existing blog posts in a Q &A format.

One important side note, AI will not replace you completely.  Greg reminds the audience that It is critical to maintain authenticity in content creation.  AI tools should complement your unique voice and brand rather than replace it entirely.

Throughout the interview, Greg provides practical insights and examples, demonstrating how AI can streamline content creation processes and enhance brand presence across various digital platforms.


Why? Because great content doesn’t happen by accident.

Use this example to build a year-at-a-glance tool which lets you identify themes and brainstorm ideas on how those themes can be incorporated into blog posts, graphics video and email newsletters.

our guest Greg Wasserman

Greg is the Head of Growth, Partnerships, and Community for Castmagic. His 20 years working with brands, companies, agencies, and small businesses make him a valuable resource. A leading voice in the podcast industry, a jack of all trades, and someone who values connection, he’s set to share insights on the power of content repurposing, saving valuable time, and expanding your business.