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Guest: Zachery Parker Harris

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If you’re like most business owners you don’t have all the answers. There’s so many skills you need to master, and tasks you need to accomplish that you may need to turn to the experts to get your questions answered. Hiring an army of consultants can be overwhelming and expensive so that’s when belonging to a mastermind group can be so beneficial

Zachary Parker Harris joined me to discuss the benefits of mastermind groups for business owners. As the leader of Junto Global, he helps entrepreneurs connect and build relationships for business success.

Parker explained how a mastermind group creates the space for continuous learning and relationship building. To be effective, there needs to be open and authentic communication where members can bring both their strengths and weaknesses to the table. They discuss the value of exploring high-leverage questions and how masterminds can uncover deeper issues than initially apparent.

Comparing mastermind groups to consulting, Parker explains the unique advantage is having multiple perspectives simultaneously, offering both support and challenge to entrepreneurs.

our guest Parker Harris

Parker started his career landing his dream job working for a Fortune 100 technology company doing operations and strategy. After getting to know the executives there, he asked the advice they gave their children he realized he must choose a different path.

He started a mastermind modeled after Benjamin Franklin that overtime became his business and mission. Today he leads Junto Global which has served thousands of entrepreneurs to connect with like-minded peers and build the relationships, health, and business they deeply desire.