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These days, every content marketer is experimenting with AI.  And it is a wonderful tool if you use it well. For example, you can ask it to create 10 or 12 social media posts that refer back to one blog post.

However, you need to review those updates and make sure they actually sound like you because left to its own devices, artificial intelligence has essentially two voices. Stuffy Professional and College Frat Boy.

If neither of those tones are you, you need to go in and tweak the tone so the content content sounds like it’s coming from you.

I’ve had a lot of great conversations about AI lately with some really smart people.  Be sure to look for them in the feed and subscribe, so you never miss another episode. 

Ultimate Guide to Web Copy

People will enjoy the cool features and a clean design of your website, but that isn’t why they come. It is the content that brings them to your site, helps them find what they are looking for.

If your website doesn’t present information that is easy to find, consume, and comprehend they aren’t going to stick around.

This guide gives you tips and tricks for writing web copy that helps you get found on Google, makes your landing pages easy to read, and gives your visitors exactly what they need 

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