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Guest: Jennifer Denney

Short Form Video Tips

Episode #999 May 2 2024

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Like it or not, short form video needs to be a part of your overall plan.  So Jennifer Denney and I chatted about some of the things you can do to make better looking, short form content, with minimal effort.

1) Remember it is disposable content, so it doesn’t need to be perfect.

2) Record longer content and break it up into smaller bites (under a minute in length). That is much easier than trying to record one short tip every day.

3) Use AI to create shorts with captions. 

4) Keep the main image in the frame.  Different platforms will crop; the video in different ways.

5) Mix up the style so the content looks fresh in the feed, but still looks like your brand

6) Don’t be afraid to reshare videos that your audience may not have seen.



When it comes to the tricks of producing short form video, we couldn’t cover everything in ten minutes, but Jennifer has written an awesome Do’s and Don’ts guide.



Ready to start working on your short form video?  I love Opus Clips.  It is easy to use and best of all you can get started for FREE.



our guest Jennifer Denney 

Jennifer is passionate about digital marketing.  Working in the field since 2006 she stays on top of the changes in the industry reading of articles, attending conferences and sharing ideas with a community of fellow marketing experts. She enjoys sharing her expertise with clients from around the country and through her podcast and Friday Live chats.

 With a data driven approach to marketing, she knows the best decisions are made with one eye on the data.