A New Look

Maybe you have noticed that my branding looks a little different these days. There’s a bit purple, and a lighter shade of blue. There’s a frame around the words, and all three of my logos use the same font. It’s not an accident, it is a rebrand!  So what’s changed? My goal with the redesign was two-fold, new colors and greater consistency between my brands. 

New Colors

I wanted colors that created a visual departure from my agency, Roundpeg, but still had a sense of fun and energy.  I looked at so many variations, testing not just the colors, but how they would look with my logos.  Ultimately settling on the purple and blue combination.  While the other combinations were pretty, and very on trend right now, they didn’t feel like me.

GREEN CORALchange your brand

More cohesion between my brands.

Originally created to connect to the Roundpeg brand, they each made sense. But once Roundpeg was removed from the equation, the logos with their different fonts didn’t work together. The new designs all incorporate the conversation bubble and use the Fira Sans font. The slight adjustments in the font are not noticeable to most people, ( except of course the graphic designers in the audience). However, what I gave up in uniqueness of design in the individual logos is more than made up for with the in the clear cohesion between the brands.


The branding process forced me to look at the three brands, their relationships to each other.  As a result, I established a hierarchy. More than a Few Words is my primary brand. Digital Toolbox is now simply The Toolbox, a product of MTFW. Long term, all the training resources will be consolidated into the one MTFW site.


MTFW Color 2024
Toolbox Color 2024
Small Biz Color 2024


I was lucky, this was not my first branding project, but it gave me a chance to review what is important.

    1. Select colors that reinforce the brand personality, not just colors you love
    2. Check the colors in use – How will logos and typical graphics work in these colors
    3. Use consistent fonts and icons to unite your brand.
    4. Design for the long term, this is not an exercise you want to repeat!

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