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Host: Lorraine Ball

A.I. Powered Video

Episode #970 February 25, 2024

the episode

These days your audience wants bite size content. They’re not going to sit through twenty or thirty minutes of video or read long blog posts. It’s frustrating because you’ve got this long content, but it doesn’t have to be.  With the help of AI you can transform that long long post into a series of short social media posts.

You can take cut that ten, twenty or thirty minute video into little thirty second sound bites.  The little videos are just enough to hook the audience, get their attention and leave them wanting more.

If you’ve been following me, you probably have noticed there’s a lot more video in my feed these days. You may wonder how someone like me who’s all by herself has time to do it all. Well it’s easy.  I’m using Opus Clip to get it done. It’s a simple to use, affordable software product.  Click the link if you’re curious to try it for yourself.

Go ahead create that long form content and let AI cut it down for you.

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