“Let Sales and Marketing Work Together”

episode #550 January 5, 2021

GUEST: Allan Langer | Speaker, Author and Podcast Host

Sales and marketing teams should not be in competition.  Companies succeed when they work together. 

the episode

This week we explore the importance of sales and marketing working together.

Our guest Allan Langer explains companies that keep their marketing and sales teams separate have a lower success rate than companies which actually allow and encourage these companies to work together. The win rates are about 65% higher in those companies.

It doesn’t, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why that is the case. If your marketing is working it is driving leads to the company. But if there is no communication between the groups, the sales team won’t know where they came from, what the demographic is or the lead came in.

Without background information they are starting from disadvantage. If they understood the reasoning behind the marketing, they would be able to cater their sales presentation around that reasoning and everything becomes congruent within the company.

The end result would be a customer who feels more comfortable because the marketing messages are are matching the sales messages.

our guest allan langer

With close to three decades of sales excellence, and award winning performances in every capacity, Allan Langer has turned his experiences and knowledge into a best selling book on Amazon – The 7 Secrets to Selling More by Selling Less – and have turned that into a highly successful speaking and coaching career.

Sharing those experiences, motivating people to achieve more, training salespeople and business owners to solve instead of sell, to help instead of hinder, and to be selfless instead of selfish, is his calling and what he is meant to do.

Allan Langer

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