“Manage the Overwhelm of Social Media”

episode #747 –  JULY 12, 2022

GUEST: Andrea Jones

No one jumps onto social media to see the ads. 

the episode

Do you feel overwhelmed by social media if you do you’re not alone but I’ve got some good news for you because there are things you can do to manage the chaos and make the time you’re spending on social media productive.

Our guest, Andrea Jones explains one of the challenges with social media is that it’s a mixture of our business and our personal life.  One of the tricks is to identify why you’re on social media to begin with  and separate the platforms for personal and business use.

The second tip is to turn off notifications and block out specific times to use social media as a total grow  business with daily time spent with her  community and weekly time spent creating content. By giving herself those boundaries  she is able to reduce that overwhelming feeling

our guest Andrea Jones

Andréa Jones has built an online business committed to empowering businesses to utilize the power of social media in a positive and impactful way, without being overwhelmed and drained by it. With over 7 years experience in the game, Andréa hosts the acclaimed podcast, the Savvy Social Podcast, leads a team providing done-for-you service inside of her marketing agency that was named a Top Digital Marketing Agency in 2021, and serves over 200 students in her membership, the Savvy Social School.