“Attract More Clients”

episode #565 February 18, 2021

GUEST: Andrea Petrone  | The Thriving Consultant

Get to know your customer’s fears and frustrations.

the episode

According to Andrea Petrone, attracting clients starts with three simple steps.

  1. Define you niche. Don’t try to sell to everyone.  Find the people who are most likely to want your services
  2. Get to know your niche really well. How are they being impacted by current events. What are their fears and frustrations?  If you take the time to really understand their world, you are in a better position to offer solutions.
  3. “Over-deliver” value.  Become a resource and customers will come to rely on you.

our guest andrea petrone

For the past 20 years, he has helped small and medium-size consulting firms and B2B organizations to build and scale their business. He has been in the trenches, running successful consulting firms during economical crisis.  

He is a Certified Executive and Business Coach, Facilitator, Professional and Keynote Speaker, li. I live in London, UK.

He works with professional service and consulting firm owners and executives who want to navigate through the storm and accelerate success, get more traction and grow their firm so they can have a more sustainable and profitable business.

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