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#425 Facebook Live

Monday morning at Roundpeg, right around 11 am, we set up the camera and shoot a Facebook live video. Why do we do it?

That’s the topic of this week’s episode of More Than a Few Words with Sam Von Tobel, the new host of Monday Morning at the ‘Peg.

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#424 Workplace Empathy

Life happens and sometimes it is hard to keep the disruptions of your life or of your employee’s lives outside the workplace. This week’s guest Liesel Mertes believes that you shouldn’t have to keep those two parts of your employee’s lives separate.

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#417 The Help Method

Let’s face it, most companies need a little “help” with their content. This week, Kevin Mullett explains his approach to creating effective and relevant content. He calls it the  H.E.L.P. philosophy.

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#415 Live from She Podcast

This episode was recorded live at She Podcasts, a women’s podcasting event. JoDee Curtis and Danielle Ireland talk about why business owners need to attend events like this, how to deal with the information onslaught and set priorities about which ideas to put into practice.

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