“The Relationship Centric Era”

episode #540 – December 3, 2020

GUEST: Arian Randmand | IgnitePost

We are living in a relationship centric era. Customers want personal, authentic communication from you. 

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We are living in a relationship centric era. Long gone are the days of mass marketing. Successful businesses must develop real relationships with their customers and deliver relevant, personalized, and authentic communication if they want to stand out.

How did we get here? Two decades ago we were living in more of a product centric era, where businesses would market and sell products based on the various features they could kind of cram into the product. Sales people were trained to “sell the benefits of the bells and whistles.” Companies believed it was these features which set them apart.

Eventually companies realized people don’t really care about how many bells and whistles are on your product or service. They care about what your product or service can do for them. The shift led to the customer centric era when marketing was focused on getting in front of prospective customers multiple times with messages about how the product could help them. This, along with the advent of the digital age led to an explosion of communication focused at every point with a customer.

The challenge is every company is trying to get their messages in front of the same audience. Our inboxes are filled with hundreds of messages and we are exposed to thousands of digital ads every day on every device we own. After awhile it all becomes noise as your prospective customers long for a more personal form of communication that feels as if it was crafted just for them.  

The solution? Take your messages out of the inbox. Shift from the digital world to pen and paper. Say hello to print once again. Curious about how this works, be sure to check out the special offer from IgnitePost. Arian and his team will give you a sample of the product (50 free letters) if you go to ingnitepost.com/podcast. 


our guest arian radmand

Arian Radmand is the CEO & Founder of IgnitePost.com, a handwritten mail service that enables businesses to develop deeper relationships with customers & prospects. IgnitePost does this by combining software and robotics to allow businesses to send real pen & ink letters that are indistinguishable from human handwriting. We believe authentic, personalized communication is the key to more sales and happier customers.

Prior to IgnitePost, Arian was CoFounder at CoachUp, Inc. CoachUp is the nation’s leading sports coaching company. We raised $15M in venture-capital, built the category leading brand, were fortunate enough to partner with 2X NBA Champion & MVP Stephen Curry as our lead spokesman, and made the Inc 5000 list in 2018. For this, Arian was a Forbes 30 Under 30 Award Winner in 2015.

Arian Radmand

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